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Speeches on current events, developments in proj/prog/financial areas

  • 1 hour
  • Duration, audience size, occasion, location decide pricing; remote/in-person

Service Description

Carelosophy Social Impact Solutions, LLC can provide unique insights into a variety of intellectual topics, including top-notch analysis of social change and on-going news in fields like the economy, business sector, philanthropy, public education, higher education, design thinking, program delivery, and financial services.* Carelosophy provides talks on project tactics and tools, financial behavior change, financial trauma, wellness, and therapy. Leveraging competencies from expertise as a certified project management professional, certified financial counselor and coach, certified teacher of English as a foreign language, holder of a masters in public service and former national park ranger, the Carelosophy spoken word provides thought leadership in novel and inspiring ways.* Talent at Carelosophy Social Impact Solutions, LLC has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the 2022 Community Champion Award for excellence in financial education from CASH Campaign of Maryland, the Maryland Economic Education Committee and the Maryland State Department of Education, and past awards as 'Person of Action' for Education Pioneers DC and a National Park Service On-The-Spot Award 'as an ambassador to the national parks'. * NOTE: Carelosophy Social Impact Solutions, LLC is available to discuss multiple talks or an on-going series. BOOKING? Email Consulting@TheCarelosophy.Com

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